Summer Recap

I’m currently writing this blog post as I am on the plane from Portland to the Dulles International Airport. I scored a window seat and have been becoming quite the connoisseur of different cloud formations. I’m also sitting above the wing, which is giving me plenty of time to marvel at the phenomena of airplane flight. Though I’ve done the calculations in my fluids courses plenty of times, I still find it unfathomable that a behemoth tube of metal can be held aloft while travelling across the skies. Anyways, what a summer this has been! Possibly the best of my life. Since I knew I’d be leaving for Switzerland in mid-August, it would have been too difficult to take on a job or internship. Instead, I dedicated my time to preparing for Switzerland, volunteering in my laboratory, and spending any remaining time having a great summer in my favorite city with all of my favorite people. As mentioned in the last post, I made a list of all of the fun things that I wanted to do in Portland before I left. Some of these things were completely new to me and others were some of my favorite Portland things-to-do. In hindsight, making this list was one of the most enriching ways to enjoy my summer free-time. Whenever I had a spare day or evening, I would go to my list, pick an activity, and do it! This made the summer the most adventure packed ever. There were far too many things to go through each one, but below, are select pictures and stories from events of this summer!

Lindsay and Me in CR

 I went to Costa Rica! What a place and what perfect timing to go there! I had just finished up the most academically rigorous trimester of my life and was definitely in need for some relaxation. And as far as relaxation goes, this was the place to find it! We had very few plans, and I found myself very much living in the present. There were never any timetables or responsibilities, and I felt very at ease. I am looking forward to going back there someday soon.


Also, while in Costa Rica, we rode ATV’s! For me, this was certainly one of the highlights. It was exhilarating to have so much acceleration and horsepower at one’s fingertips. This is probably a hint that a motorcycle would be a poor choice for my health.

Theatre in DayI went to Ashland as well where, besides going to Crater Lake and seeing one of the rarest animals on the North American continent, I had the opportunity to see a Shakespearean play! Above, is the stage of the theatre where the play was showing. Never have I been to such an incredible set in my life. The play started in daylight and the sun slowly set behind the actors as the play continued. By the time the play was over, stars covered the sky!

Gracie and Me

Also, one of my favorite parts about this summer was getting to spend a lot of time with this girl. She likes to carry rocks around in her mouth as if they were chew toys and we have to spell out R-O-C-K-S because if she hears the word spoken, she will think that we are about to throw her some (and if I’m around, her guess is probably right). She will bark at anything and everyone and makes sure that no birds steal bird food from the bird feeder. She’s pretty much my favorite.Wheeler SunsetAll in all, it’s been a pretty incredible summer that I got to spend with some very incredible people. I went to festivals and movies, ate good food and drank good wine, danced until the early hours, and watched beautiful sunsets color the sky of the west coast. I really could not have asked for a better way by which to remember Portland, and I can’t wait to be back again soon!