Self Portrait Adam Damiano

My engineering foundations first began at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon where I completed dual Honors Bachelor Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and International Studies in Mechanical Engineering. There, I was active in the country western dance community and humane society, but my most impactful affiliations were my fraternity and my laboratory, the Microscale and Nanoscale Transport Enhancement Laboratory. It was working in this lab where I discovered my passion for research. What I found myself enjoying most in research is that one must be adaptable, multi-disciplined, and thorough in order to understand and solve the wide variety of problems encountered at the cutting edges of research and technology.


It was this passion that motivated me to purse a Master’s Degree. Being a fan of travel and having studied French on the side for a few years, I decided to complete my graduate studies at l’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), which is in French-speaking Switzerland not too far from Geneva. EPFL offered a plethora of research and design projects, some of which can be found on this site. It was also during my time in Switzerland when I learned to sail and was able to develop fluency in French.


During the last six months of my Master’s Degree, I completed my thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My research was carried out in the Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, and a summary of my primary contribution can be found in the Project section under “Measuring Really Tiny Waves.”